Income Protection

Did you know that your biggest financial asset throughout your life is your ability to earn income? What if that was to change for the worse or no longer be an option?  What would you do?

Well, you can protect yourself; there are many types of insurance to deal with all types of risks we take every day.  Basically all insurance does is protect us from things that “might” happen, unless of course you take life insurance and of course, we all die, sometime.

You can see on TV the amount of advertising about funeral insurance, life insurance, health insurance etc, but at the end of the day it is better to get professional advice and make sure your insurances aren’t doubling up and also that if the insurance is paid out it is paid out to the right person.

You will only live once, but if you have people who are dependent on your for their survival, or even if that person is yourself, you can find out how to not end up living poorly should the worst happen.