Congratulations Harbour Asset Management!

Harbour Asset ManagementWe are delighted to share some good news with you; this week Harbour Asset Management was named Morningstar New Zealand Fund Manager of the Year 2017.  They are proud to have been named Fund Manager of the Year for the second year in a row.

“Harbour is one of the best stewards of New Zealand investors’ money. The shop applies a detailed, well-thought-out investment process to all its funds, has an open and transparent approach, and has consistently delivered market-leading longer-term returns.” – Morningstar

Harbour says that their fundamental goal is to be most trusted by our clients, and being named as a leading steward of investors’ capital by Morningstar helps to validate this.

We want to thank every one of our clients and supporters for putting their trust in Harbour, and we look forward to many more years of continued success and growth

Asset Allocation – Why bother?

Okay, so we have all heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, but do we really understand it?

This morning I was emailed a visual description about why it is so important.  The visual can be downloaded here, or you can see it below.

What it points out is that in any one year the best performing asset can be the one you don’t have, or can be the ONLY one you have, this is why it matters.  If you have been through the exercise with your financial adviser of finding out what risk profile you have (how much risk you can tolerate, cope with etc) then you will know that this answer directly affects how your funds are invested.  For example, a Defensive investor will never have 50% of their portfolio in shares, and an Aggressive investor will never have 80% in cash, unless they are about to invest!

As financial advisers it is important to us to get the right “mix” of investments, firstly to reinforce the adage about the eggs, and secondly to ensure that you don’t end up retiring on nothing after years of saving.  Of course the adviser statement about this is that “we don’t control the markets”. There have been many ups and downs in the share markets, but the fact is that so far they have never ceased to come back up again, it is all about time-frame, which is why when doing risk profiles you are usually asked for your age, as it does matter.

Here is the visual from Morningstar, if you would like it emailed to you please contact us, our details are at: DecisionMakers

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Onepath WIN New Zealand Fund Manager of the Year – Morningstar

OnePath won the overall New Zealand Fund Manager of the Year Award.

“The winners in the New Zealand Morningstar Awards have all shown themselves to be outstanding stewards of their investors’ capital,” said Morningstar Australasia Co-Head of Fund Research Chris Douglas. “Their expertise, skills, and resources have enabled them to provide top-notch risk-adjusted returns for their investors over both the past year and the longer term. OnePath’s achievement is a testament to the quality of the firm’s processes and people, and to the consistent results the fund manager has produced for investors in its funds.”

Click here for details of the other winners, methodology, and testimonial commentaries.

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