So you’ve retired, what now?

So, you are not into model aeroplanes or bowling, nor do you find the idea of playing golf five days a week appealing, what now?

I think that when you decide it is time to give up paid work, it can be difficult to transition if you don’t have a clear idea about what it is you want to do next.

Retirement is a relatively new phenomenon, and it is not the end of your meaningful life, if you don’t want it to be.

Retirement means different things to different people, but the general idea is that our most valuable commodity, time, is now more your own to enjoy.  This can be a very special time of being in a position to give of yourself in a way that you haven’t been able to before, it is a time to pass on wisdom and show those millennials a thing or two about being grateful for all they have.

From what I have seen, what I have discussed and what I know to be true, without a WHY we are doomed to just

Retirement can be the busiest time of your life.  First and foremost, grandparent duties, if there are none of your own, then find kids who need a grandparent. There are lots of kids who have parents who are worn out, strung out and need some encouraging and need to know they are not on their own.  Visit your neighbours, take baking, offer to babysit, whatever it is, connect with others in a meaningful way.

Find what makes you tick, are you a people person, do you enjoy serving others, fixing stuff, building things?  What is it that you see as a worthwhile way to spend your time?

Your days will be more relaxed, you can choose to hide away or contribute to society in another way.  Time is a valuable commodity and now you have some, use it wisely.  Don’t they say that you get wiser as you get older?

Whatever your passion, whatever your gifts and talents, you are a valuable member of society.  We look forward to seeing your golden years as your best yet.

If you are worried about money, if you will have enough in retirement, don’t hesitate to ask for help, that is what we are here for.

Things a Financial Adviser can help you with No. 4


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Ever asked any of the following questions?

  • Am I in the right Kiwisaver scheme for me?
  • Do I know who my provider is?
  • What rate am I paying in at? Is it going up as of the 1st of April?
  • Do I know if my Kiwisaver savings will be enough on its own for my retirement or will I need other savings?
  • Do I want to use Kiwisaver funds to buy a house? Should I even buy a house?

These are many more questions are ones your adviser can help you answer, and once they are answered you will have a better idea if you are on the right track for preparing for your future.

Things a Financial Adviser can help you with No. 3

Do you have a hobby and afraid retirement will mean you can’t support it and so you keep working?Senior man and son working on car engine

Okay, so I am talking about expensive hobbies: game fishing, golf, overseas travel, paying for family members’ bills!!

Retirement can be scary if you don’t have a plan, the plan is simple; know what you have, pay yourself an income, keep spending within your means.

What are you means?  This is where we help, we can help you decide what is reasonable to expect as a return, how much could be spent and how much to leave for growth.  We can help you budget, factor in big purchases such as a new car or a big holiday and give you the freedom to know you are living within your means.

What would you pay for relative peace of mind?

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