make a change!

This may seem like stating the obvious, but how many times a week do you find yourself saying, “I keep meaning to get round to that”.

I used to have a problem with saying, we should get together.  I changed my language and now I say, I am free at these times, do any of them suit you?  Action doesn’t happen if we don’t actually take action.

Investing is one of those things that I regularly hear people say, especially about Kiwisaver, “I keep meaning to get onto that”.  Whether it is starting it for the kids or changing out of a default scheme, the lack of action has a specific cost involved.

The specific cost of not taking care of getting out of a default Kiwisaver Fund can mean thousands by retirement in lost earnings, depending of course on how old you are when you start. This can mean no holidays in retirement, scrimping instead of living etc.

Our actions have consequences, and if they are long term we tend to put them off until we can’t, don’t let your retirement savings suffer because you didn’t take action.