Preparing for the end of your life is not depressing or dismal, it is saying to those you care about that you understand how you much you mean to them and you are willing to go the extra mile to make it easier for them if you leave this life before them, it is respectful and honouring to those who love you most.

Just recently I said goodbye to someone who was not technically family, but was very much family in every other sense of the word.

His passing and the attendance at the funeral reminded me of why we should always try to remember that we will all end.  This man lived his life with compassion, fortitude and a crazy ability to see where others need help, then be the help.

His funeral was packed with hundreds of people, all of whom had stories about how he had touched their lives, all wanting to tell the stories.  Sometimes I think we lose sight of the importance of telling stories, especially the good ones.

We must all remember that there will be trials and grief on the part of those we leave behind, be kind to them and leave all your wishes behind.  Invest in a Will, and a Memorandum of Wishes, let your loved ones know that you cared enough to do this to save them the stress of not knowing all the things they are going to be asked after you go.

This person was “lucky” in that he could prepare and say goodbye before the known end, but we don’t always have this ability.  Leaving a living will will also help in times that you are unable to communicate for yourself, as will having appointed Enduring Powers of Attorney.

If you have any questions about these please contact us so we can help you with some of the issues and questions that will be helpful discussing before visiting a solicitor.

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